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  1. You can generate these reports at the end of each night, day, or week of operation, or on specific dates you set. You can for example generate a rank report for your site on January 1st, 2014 at 8:00 PM, on every month from May 2013.
    You can also save rank reports to use them later and export them in.csv format for your own use. To generate a rank report for each keyword you have, simply go to Map

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  2. About Me

    Computer Tips and Support. I think you should know how to fix things yourself before you call the experts.


    Skype Business Deluxe. Forming Business Partners with Skype – Open Sources
    MS Office 2010. The Complete Guide to Open Source
    Microsoft Office 2016 for Home and Students. Opening the Office
    door for Open Source
    Office 365 Home Premium for Home.


    Microsoft’s feedback system is

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  3. When we tried it on a 32-bit system we were able to retrieve the credentials.
    Applications such as this are useful especially for working in organizations that install Google Chrome on computers as part of their IT infrastructure. The way things are, the browser already has all the credentials that you need to access your passwords.
    However, it would be useful to know how to recover them directly from the browser and stop trying to spread the password all over the network and the computers in your organization. UCPR

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  4. This application is very easy to install and use. Moreover, it is distributed for free which makes it a cost-effective utility that you can use without having to shell out.
    ➢ Free to use.
    ➢ Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, and ME.
    ➢ Supports self-registration.
    ➢ Multi-threading technology.
    ➢ Automatic client registration.

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  5. The application is designed to support:
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Server 2008;.NET Framework 3.5.
    • Microsoft Virtual Server 2003 (Windows Server 2003 R2 SP1), Microsoft Virtual Server 2008 (Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1), Microsoft Virtual Server 2008 R2 (Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1).
    If you wish to find out more details about this useful software, please visit the official website (to access it, right click on ‘Band

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  6. Click on the Download button below to download PEChecksum, install it on your computer and try it. On the following screenshot, the command line was used to analyze 3532.exe from PE-Tools folder.


    Thanks a lot.

    PEChecksum was tested on Windows 7 Ultimate / Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

    There is an additional PDF version of

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  7. Pros The application has a straightforward interface. It can copy one or all movies from one or more discs in just a few steps. It allows you to copy titles to other locations from disc (e.g. music folder, USB drive) and create a backup copies. Ensures that the original videos remain untouched. Compatible with almost any operating system.Reference uc-45c: a computer assisted radiotherapy system for treatment verification in radiation therapy.
    This technical report describes the structure

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  8. Download Now

    Steps To Follow When Recovering Files From USB Flash Drives

    Step 3: Click “Recover All Files” for an easy recovery, which saves time.

    Step 4: Check out the window and select the USB device from the list.

    Step 5: Or you can click “Add Removable Device” to scan for all devices on your computer.

    Step 6: And then, after scanning, determine the files you need to recover

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  9. #5. TeamViewer 11.0.9231.0
    Teamviewer is a very lightweight application that exists only to help your team members synchronize their desktop computers over a network. Nevertheless, you may have come across situations wherein you need to get access to the files of a TeamViewer account. Before letting you in the TeamViewer security menu, the application extracts a few details from the file, such as when and how the file was last updated, their version,

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  10. Manually entered items are stored in a pre-formatted format (.rcd files) which the application saves as a text file for transfer to the full version.
    Subsequently, the full version of PartCenter uses one or more of.rcd files to import inventory items data.
    The files that are imported could be created in the full version, with a.rcd extension, with a.txt extension, or with other file formats.

    PartCenter Lite can import vendor pricing

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  11. SogomomikitoMotion

    Motion for Blender
    Transforms and animates or even rotates objects

    Free for non-commercial use.

    Thank you for making this application!

    You can add more expressions, buttons and text for Ubuntu/Enlightenment/awesome/xfce/kde and other GUI’s using FreeSans-Regular
    License Free for non-commercial use. Link to it in the credits.

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  12. All in all, the software is a good choice for organizing images without much hassle. At the very least, the program does what it’s supposed to do.Samohin

    Samohin () is a town and commune in Sindhupalchok District, Province No. 2 of Nepal which is under the zone IV of Pokhara metropolitan city. The municipality covers an area of and comprise 15 wards and presents the headquarter of Sindhup

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  13. Its files are saved in Documents/gwb-app/Resources, so you’ll need to open an explorer and copy those files into your app directory when you want to use the app.
    Still, the download has to start from the command line, which is not a problem. Moreover, the app supports TLS, so you don’t need to provide a self-signed certificate manually.
    To learn more about the capabilities of URLApp please visit URLApp website.

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  14. is a gadget that comes with the windows installer. Once you have installed the free desktop app, you just need to add the URL of your favorite station and let it start playing. isn’t the most sophisticated tool to listen to music, but it sure suits the need for many computer users who don’t have extensive music collections to keep up with.
    Sometimes, radio stations and other stations are added automatically by organizing programs at Radio

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  15. Features of FontConverter
    Wowserve Font Converter is an impactful and easy to use font converter that allows you to convert and change truetype, woff, woff2, ttf, otf and other font types to suit your needs. Wowserve Font Converter converts almost all font file formats to Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Mobile and iPadsotf…

    Discover the new Humanoid Studio X3. It’s the best possible

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  16. With the latest update (version 5.1.1) there is a serious bug. It will create an endless loop of several tracks, and I have been unable to fix it. Here is a screenshot:

    There is a button to “Import from other application” which does nothing because it also has a bug. There is very little I can do in order to have the program work properly

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  17. Some time ago we reviewed Tremulous and gave it a 9.5 / 10.
    So we have good things about the game. Its high replay value for free, it has a good physics engine…
    Today, a lot of indie game devs have been very active, producing their own titles that are getting better and better.
    Lets see what happened in the last… Read More 05e1106874 hambern

  18. So much time has been saved.
    Now you can easily comment on multiple blog posts at the same time that way.

    Facebook is now a giant in the hospitality market with over 2 billion pageviews, and 200m registered users. They provide multiple features to help build and manage your business. Social media helps build your business by providing an access point to your targeted audience. It enables market research and provides your business a 24/7/365 marketing platform. Fast Business provide a wide and easy
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  19. Enterprise document content management systems provide a revolution in the level of productivity in the modern organization.
    Dealing with a huge amount of business correspondence, paperwork and spreadsheets is a tedious task that could be easily avoided. The optimal solution to the previously mentioned is Enterprise content management solutions – document content management solutions. They are essential for any business in order to support its processes, improve safety, cut the expensive and ensure timely job execution, and accessiblity, enhance its reputation in its business
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  20. Noteworthy – the amount of resources used by the plugin in its usage and in recording is minimal.
    After taking all this into account, the ultimate step to take when mastering any audio is the use of the plugin, as it will definitely help you succeed in one of your endeavors if you use it properly.
    With it all said and done, do you agree that it is the best mastering plugin for your needs?
    Let us know in the comments section below, and I hope it was
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  21. QuickBooks Enterprise One, was first introduced as a serviceable

    Inventory Control Application.

    It was the third in the series of accounting software, that was first

    Bill Keeler of Morris K., Administrator with Resources Group, a Phoenix, AZ, accountants services firm, describes a time that many tax preparers and bookkeepers are dealing with. There’s an increasing number of business owners who are thinking about switching their books from using Quicken to Quick
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  22. I was able to add my Windows 8.1 phone to this app, and even make passphrases there. Here are some examples:

    3 e cosmo for gr33k
    4 gnats aw0re
    F1 g3v3r bunns a3nd criff3rs
    3 l23tey wear shin lace

    Feel free to share your own try Passphrase Wizard.
    Leave your feedback and comments at the bottom of the app’s About
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  23. Paper Changer is a freeware package with a few features:
    *An easy-to-use dialog interface for deciding what picture to use for the desktop wallpaper.
    *A menu driven interface for changing the wallpaper at a specified time.
    *It can be set to change the wallpaper every time Windows starts up instead of loading a wallpaper from a given folder.
    *Paper Changer can be used to turn on and off the help file.
    *Even though the service starts
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  24. per day, after which each new login session costs $1 per login.

    This semi-random generated, multi-use password is a challenge that is perfect for birthdays, personal site login, networking, and daily usage.

    $1 ⑧ One login per day for unlimited logins. ⑩ Each new login session costs extra ($1). ␸Login limit is 1 per day. ⓤ A limitation of one login per day is subject to change at
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  25. Seagate SatelliteOffice is a tool for remote troubleshooting large disk arrays. With this software you can monitor the disk status in real time and generate graphical reports about which disks are growing, and how fast. It also supports an intelligent disk swapping algorithm. The drawback is that it only supports one Seagate controller, the Seagate ST4000.

    MFreeView is a powerful as well as easy-in-use digital mobile phone software. it has been created especially for the digital fans
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  26. Overclocking, the act of increasing the frequency of one or more critical parts of a computer’s operating system, CPU, hard drive or GPU (graphics processing unit) is the subject of a Google Trends study into the subject that shows interest in said subject has been on the decline since 2007.

    Consumers have been telling us they want it all and they want it now. With the introduction of more advanced configurations and a increased focus on concurrent multitasking under Windows 7, attention
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  27. Alternatives:

    The answer to your question is simple. You can’t. Sure, you could! You could use some kind of monitoring software such as some versions of Linux, or the Windows Task Manager, or you could use an external GPS device, but you could also just call the phone company and ask them, and that could be expensive!

    In comparison, I can get you a free account on a website that will track everything on your computer. Even if you
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  28. Permazen Java Edition contains CQL queries, the latest JDBC drivers. It contains the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) drivers to allow programs like JSP, Servlets, JEE, etc. to interface with the Permazen database. It has been tested with Mysql, Postgresql and Sqlite databases.
    Permazen Java Edition download includes a zip file that contains the installer executable and the zip files containing the Java JDBC
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  29. Perspective Rectifier 9.8.7 is available in portable and iSkysoft Watermark edition. The latter costs $43.95 at Soft32.Q:

    First fixed point in a countably closed choice.

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  30. Messenger. Iron Man. Oh Captain! Our Captain! Out of the six movies screened at the Capri Cinema screening, the lone superhero flick was certainly Captain America The Winter Soldier. Decked with an all-star cast of Chris Evans, Robert Redford and Anthony Mackie? This couldn’t have been more perfect. We are talking Cap guys brought out the stats, jammed with action, hits and twists. Among the many highlights for the moviegoers, as a big part of the
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  31. For instance, employing a floating window on-screen makes it easy to access any size or shape that you wish to focus on; offer quick access to different tools to modify the existing data or explore additional options. One of the features, which we found most consistent in the application, is the ability to explore it without dropping the ability to constantly work on the data, using the floating feature dock.
    The sizing of the application is also handled intuitively, offering such functionality without disrupting the working experience.
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  32. Shortcuts have seen a resurgence of late on PC’s and iOS applications.
    This trend has been initiated by the popularity of tablets and iOS applications on the Apple AppStore and the Mac AppStore. This new breed of shortcut apps has made users happy by allowing them to perform common tasks without having to go through the frustration of repeatedly having to open a full application.
    Shortcuts have been a boon on many of the major operating systems such as OSX, iOS, Windows and Android
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  33. Overall, this system utility is worth trying.

    YouTube Downloader 5.0.0

    YouTube Downloader 5.0.0 offers better stability and is more stable after using free YouTube Downloader downloader and YouTube Downloader 5.0.0. You are able to get more videos while using this and know that you are getting the authentic videos. You also get the convenience of managing the downloaded videos.

    AVI To MKV Converter 1.4.0
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  34. Any questions about how this all works?
    Big thanks to Chris Koch for this nice article!

    Why should compilers prevent many software of the same quality from being developed?

    Why should copyright copyright give anyone the right to prevent the publication of the same quality of works?

    Today interest in software is as strong as ever, because the development of software is considered to be a *qualitative* investment of money. On the other hand the costs for this qualitative investment are considered
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  35. It requires neither a paid subscription nor any additional software, and as such, is not only free, but also very useful.

    Free PNG Viewer 2014 is a lightweight image viewing application for your Windows PC, which allows you to view PNGs with various additional tools included, such as various image viewers, an image encoder and a good sized cache to help you go through a bunch of PNG images rapidly.
    Compatible With Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and
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  36. = Licence  =

    License is GNU general Public License (GPL).

    =  Prerequisites  =

    Prerequisites are well supported on windows and linux systems

    ==== Windows Prerequisites ====

    ===== Windows 2000  =

    You need to have the right tool to extract the files. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (MSSMS) is the most popular.

    ===== Windows 2003  =
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  37. Like other freeware, it can be used for free without imposing any limitations.

    After a successful rebranding from MetaTec Digital, PAC software has launched a new logo with a refreshed navigation website.

    The logo update, which to the fans of the site is a pretty big deal, is also bring fit a redesign and a translation into French, Spanish and Portuguese, and to the instructions, all of which can be found here.

    PAC Management System (PAC for short
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  38. Very Good

    Very Good



    April 7, 2019

    Very good software. As they say there are only 2 things to learn- how to use it and when to quit.

    Very Good



    December 16, 2018

    It worked well

    Editors’ review

    Visceral Gaming

    Dual Audio Recorder is a
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  39. Thursday, February 9, 2012

    Multiply your shadows by the amount of light bouncing off the subject when you use hardness or dodge to
    soften shadows. You might need to adjust… –

    Shadow Tone button – Control the amount of shadow cast by
    blending colors on the subject. The gray value mixes colors from the subject
    and the background, but with this slider, you can adjust the shadows (and the
    blended colors). Lower the slider will result
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  40. with fisheye plug-in
    ■ Fast internet connection
    ■ At least 100 megabytes of disk space
    ■ Openness to learning new techniques and software
    General Features:
    ■ Fisheye-Hemi, the application, is a Photoshop 7.0 or 8.0 plug-in.
    ■ It is designed to work with rectilinear full frame fisheye and conventional lens fisheye images
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    IBM working with EMC – The companies announced the latest phase of their alliance with the aim of providing a comprehensive data center offering for customer clients.1


    The devices will be created by both companies and will be aimed at Amazon customers.

    The collaboration will see Brec, an IoT start-up, project-based IoT platform which was originally developed by International Business Machines (IBM) and E
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  42. Steve

    Noel is the editor and founder of Technology Personalized. His areas of expertise are in Windows, Linux, hackers, and people. Noel has a passion for helping others, and covers topics where others are clueless.Reading Bitcoin news means the world is at arm’s length

    Bitcoin is still technically in “retrace” territory, but there’s a big stock market crash and a violent global viral pandemic going on too, so you’
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  43. All in all, Gmail Notifier is a great tool that can help you better navigate and organize all the emails you receive. Alternatively, you could try out Gmail Notifier for Firefox, too.
    We expect Gmail Notifier for Opera 2020.218u to be part of the upcoming public beta, so use the comment form below if you want the latest features early on.

    Kaspersky Lab published this week the second part of its latest report dedicated to the complex threat ecosystem. New
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  44. Windows users can free download Guzinta Math for Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10 versions.

    The Mysteries of Math: Enigma is a series of flashcards and brain
    games designed for
    adults, with an emphasis on
    statistics. The goal is to teach the basics
    of the field of Statistics and Probability.
    This set includes everything
    needed to teach the skill. With a combination
    of Charts, Texts, and Graphics
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  45. In this account, navigate to Add-ins in the IIS manager list, using the link in the top right corner of the window. An empty catalog window will be opened. Right-click on the Catalog Folder icon, and click on Create New Folder to create the backup folder using the Path menu.
    Select the Management Packs category and click on Create New Pack from Catalog to browse the online catalog, which will be found at Microsoft’s downloads page.
    A blank window will be opened in order
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